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Innovation, Schematic Design & the Developers' Process
April 19, 2022
Schematic design is about decision-making. It is by default, (however only 10% delivered as such), an innovative process. its a dialogue. This process
Top 5 Design Mistakes that Can Spike Costs in Affordable Housing Projects
March 3, 2022
The most common mistakes architects do when designing residential projects are those related to space planning. I’ve learned this lesson early on in
Types of Building Alterations
February 10, 2022
There are several types of building alterations. When you apply for a permit most of the categories can fall under either "additions" or "interior alt
What Can Sustainability Learn from Vernacular Architecture?
January 31, 2022
Sustainable architecture has a lot to learn from vernacular architecture. Vernacular architecture used passive
What Does an Architect Do Exactly?
January 21, 2022
When a dear friend/client came to me once, he had some scribbles drawn on his company scrap paper. He asked me: Sam all you need to do is to draw this
Passive House On A Hill
January 21, 2022
A high-level sketch-proposal for multifamily Passive House in Ontario. Orientation is very important. However
When Renovating - Burn All Your Bridges!
January 12, 2022
But first, exhaust every possibility to avoid building new. It is unsustainable...
Passive Design strategy pays!
January 12, 2022
When a dear friend/client came to me once, he had some scribbles drawn on his company scrap paper ...
The Site Design and its Impact on Heritage Building
January 21, 2022
Site design is crucial in architecture (particularly sustainable architecture). it can be an element of innovation. Below is a concept of ...
How to Capture and Architectural Concept!
January 12, 2022
We've been creating design concepts through ideation, storyboarding & sketching for decades now. I want to demystify this process...
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