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why iSD architects?

ISD refers to Innovation, Sustainability, and Durability. At ISD Architects we challenge the status-quo. We challenge the mindset that created the status-quo. We believe that the current paradigm is as much responsible for the dire crises society faces today as the harm itself: lack of decent housing for all, inequality, huge degaradation of the environment, and the object-focused design instead of human-centered empathy.

We invite homeowners, builders, and property developers to consider investing in better buildings; better retrofits, additions or new buildings. This isn't a cost issue. The cost is minor. This is a committment issue; a committment to align with who we really are: creative and responsible humanbeings.

Issam A. Shukor-Leika (Sam) is the lead architect at ISD Architects. He is a certified Passive House designer with wide range of expertise. Sam likes to dub himself as the Innovative Sketch Designer - aka ISD. His sketches are not merely renderings, but a fountain of presto-innovative ideas. Sam believes that creativity flows. And that it's a stance not words; a social involvement, not a marketing promise.

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Multi Family


ISD Process

ISD Process is a design roadmap which aims to help you, the homeowner or property developer, navigate through your project seamlessly. It ensures that you obtain creative, high-performance, and cost-effective design, enhances coordination with teams, and minimizes conflicts that could arise causing costly delays, overtuns, disputes, and confusion during construction.  
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from our valued clients

in our valued clients' words

Extremely Efficient

Issam was willing to meet numerous times to involve me in the creative process, and he put me atease with his knowledge, creativity and his solid success rate within the City of Toronto's permit process. He is very current with his ideas, practical when it comes to costs, and unfailingly kind.!
Marilyn Preston, Toronto,ON

Creative & Personable

Issam is not only a very skilled and creative architect but he is also very personable and easy to deal with. His services have been multi-faceted, from design and drawing to knowledgeable consultation regarding the best ways to deal with the municipality in order to get my project approved.
Amos Carlen, Toronto, ON

Success with Municipality

This is the second time I have benefited from the exceptional services of Sam Shukor (ISD architects). The level of service, quality of drawings, creativity and responsiveness has been of the highest quality. Sam was fantastic with communicating and negotiating with the committee of adjustment to achieve the approval. I whole-heartedly recommend Sam and would not hesitate to continue using his services.
J. Casey, Toronto, ON

A Masterpiece

Sam took my thoughts and created a masterpiece home for my family. His team is extremely professional, and unparalleled in their crafts. I would highly recommend ISD Architects to anyone. This is a 5-Star treatment (big time!).
D. Lovatsis, Toronto, ON

Falcon Group Hotel

K&A - Designer-in-charge Issam A. Shukor

The Gottardo Head Office

Petroff Partnership Architects - Designer-in-charge Issam A. Shukor

Grace Art Centre

ISD Architects - Designer-in-charge Sam A. Shukor

Peshraw Residence

K&A - Designer-in-charge Sam A. Shukor

8 Dunkirk Rd. House

ISD Architects - Designer-in-Charge Sam A. Shukor

The Saied Residence

ISD Architects - Designer-in-Charge Sam A. Shukor

The Lovatsis Residence

ISD Architects - Designer-in-Charge Sam A. Shukor

Le Royal Hotel

K&A - Designer-in-Charge Sam A. Shukor

The Siddiqi Residence

ISD Architects - Designer-in-Charge Sam A. Shukor