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Innovation - Sustainability - Durability

ISD architects puts innovation, sustainability and durability at the centre. This means that project's feasibility becomes a top priority - sustainability means emplying innovative methods. Some homeowners or property developers feel that architects lack empathy with their struggle to achieve project's financial goals. We optimize the design process in order to eliminate reduncuncy, discrepency, and inefficiency.

Our Project Planning Package (PPP) answers questions related to the financial success of your project and more. You need to be fully aware of the different factors that impact the quality and financial implications of design & construction processes.  

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Innovation is key in our architectural practice. Innovation means finding novel solutions to frame, navigate, and address architectural problems creatively.
The architectural design is the crux of several intersections and multiple systems. We attempt to engage all teams and end-users in the design process at the very beginning. We ask a lot of questions before we're able to embody the dream.
Innovation is a creative problem-solving dynamic that keeps evolving. With innovation we can conquer any technical issues that may arise. However innovation's best value is its ability to fight for the originality of the architectural concept without which the dream can hardly be realized.


The second pillar of our ISDmethod is sustainability. This design approach seeks to minimize the negative impactof buildings. It stresses the use of moderation in the use of materials,energy, development space and the ecosystem at large. Sustainable architectureuses a conscious approach to energy and ecological conservation in the designof the built environment. The Passive House is a system that weimplement to combine a variety of techniques and technologies to achievesuper-low energy and leave minimal negative impact on the environment.


Our buildings seek to be durable also as integral part ofbeing sustainable and innovative. Durability measures how the building resiststhe daily wear and tear of end users (tenants) but more importantly the impactof extreme climatic conditions namely temperatures fluctuations, rain, andmoisture. These forces can, if detailing of the building was mediocre, damagethe building envelope (walls, roofs, and floors). Our approach to createdurable buildings is, as always, based on human-centric principles which is tomaintain the health of the residents and maintain healthy air flow and dryinteriors all year long.

from our valued clients

in our valued clients' words

Extremely Efficient

I have found Issam and his team extremely efficient with all aspects of my residential addition. This includes prompt communications and the first class designs they delivered. I would thoroughly recommend Sam.
J.M. Casey, Toronto, ON

Creative & Personable

Issam is not only a very skilled and creative architect but he is also very personable and easy to deal with. His services have been multi-faceted, from design and drawing to knowledgeable consultation regarding the best ways to deal with the municipality in order to get my project approved.
Amos Carlen, Toronto, ON

Success with Municipality

Issam was willing to meet numerous times to involve me in the creative process, and he put me at ease with his knowledge, creativity and his solid success rate within the City of Toronto's permit process. He is very current with his ideas. I would highly recommend Sam and ISD Architects!
Marilyn Preston, Toronto,ON

A Masterpiece!

Issam took my thoughts and created a masterpiece home for my family. His team is extremely professional, and unparalleled in their crafts. I would highly recommend ISD Architects to anyone. This is a 5-Star treatment (big time!).
D. Lovatsis, Toronto, ON