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Why Passive House

A standard for a life-long healthy, cost-effective and warm home

If you’re thinking to build a new single-family home, regardless of size or luxury levels, or may be thinking to retrofit or expand your current home, we highly recommend that you consider the Passive House standard. Here is why.

It is proven that Passive House buildings consume up to 90 percent less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings. The benefits of employing the Passive House standard include fine-tuned control over indoor air quality and temperature with simple to use and durable systems.


But before you make the decision however, we invite you to learn about our Needs and Options Review offer. This short video will help you clearly understand your options moving forward. Press the button below to watch a very short educational video.

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Single-family alternatives

Falls into four major categories

New House Max. Character

New Build is a great way to invest with a high ROI. ISD architects can help you mitigate all municipal, bylaws, and design challenges to maximize your investment and optimize your spaces and create a dream home that you and your family deserves.

Renovation of Existing Home

Renovation is our preferred choice because it can save you on budget, resources, and time. With renovation you can redesign the entire home, upgrade your energy efficiency in the renovated areas, and modernize the exterior facades to look brand new.

Addition to Increase Space

Addition is when you lack space in your home. Additions can be on any floor or all levels. Addition means adding extra space to improve functionality of existing spaces, or feel of spaciousness, or an additional utility (such as a swimming pool or study). This is the best choice to improve your home without going through a full fledged renovation process.

Interior Alteration

Interior Alterations is an option when you're content with the size of your home but need better spatial relationships between the spaces such as to open up spaces, increase kitchen area, move bedrooms down stairs or upstairs, or even change location of main stairs. Interior alteration is the most common due to its minimal impact on building footprint hence requires no zoning review.

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What People have said about us

Extremely Efficient

I have found Issam and his team extremely efficient with all aspects of my residential addition. This includes prompt communications and the first class designs they delivered. I would thoroughly recommend Sam.
J.M. Casey, Toronto, ON

Creative & Personable

Issam is not only a very skilled and creative architect but he is also very personable and easy to deal with. His services have been multi-faceted, from design and drawing to knowledgeable consultation regarding the best ways to deal with the municipality in order to get my project approved.
Amos Carlen, Toronto, ON

Success with Municipality

Issam was willing to meet numerous times to involve me in the creative process, and he put me at ease with his knowledge, creativity and his solid success rate within the City of Toronto's permit process. He is very current with his ideas. I would highly recommend Sam and ISD Architects!
Marilyn Preston, Toronto,ON

A Masterpiece!

Issam took my thoughts and created a masterpiece home for my family. His team is extremely professional, and unparalleled in their crafts. I would highly recommend ISD Architects to anyone. This is a 5-Star treatment (big time!).
D. Lovatsis, Toronto, ON