Passive Design strategy pays!

January 12, 2022

When a dear friend/client came to me once, he had some scribbles drawn on his company scrap paper. He asked me: Sam all you need to do is to draw this on computer and submit it to the municipality. In such embarrasing situations, I usually run. but I decided to hold my grounds!.

I told him, look Dan, architects don't draft. "I know I know" he said. sorry. Architects envision. But I'm handing you my vision. I calmly replied: this isn't a vision. this is a functional layout: a mechanical scheme - and unfortunately, a bad one.
Below, a sketch shows an activity space opens up to the south orientation and acts "covertly" as a heat sink. This is not only to minimize heating loads during the cold night but it is our vision!

in our valued clients' words

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