3 Critical Errors Developers and Builder Do When Applying for SPA

February 3, 2023
Sam Leika-Shukor, Senior design architect & Certified Passive House Designer - CPHD

This is a short blog because it explains the content in the video below!

Multifamily highrise buildings must be taken seriously in response to the rising housing crisis. I know the process is complex and tedious.

However, I put a lot of stress on the design. Overcoming basic design errors will certainly optimize the process efficiency and create better designs that would face less objections and faster approvals.

Obviously these are a few but there are many many more builders and developers need to pay attention to.Please let me know if you have any questions. If we need to build more efficiently, the process MUST be optimized for less waste in time, efforts, and resources.


I've created an on-demand class called How to Start Your Building Permit The Most Efficient Way!.
Even though it talks mainly about fast building permit approvals, it is much related to two issues: innovative thinking before starting the project, and how it can expedite your building approval time, and secondly the importance of engaging the architect in zoning reviews (and the imporance of zoning reviews).

Click on the button below to watch it. its FREE.

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